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June 10, 2022 @ 1:00 am

Episode 222 - Fernando López Flores


Fernando López Flores was one of the people responsible for the international initiative Musica para Respirar, or Music to Breathe 24/7 program, that provided more than 3,000 free virtual concerts for healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients in more than 55 countries.

Fernando is also co-founder of the Con Fuoco Bolivian Pianists Society and has been a member of the Bolivian Chamber Music Society since 2015, and is a former student of the San Ignacio de Moxos Baroque Music School, where he was selected to be the only protege of renowned Bolivian pianist Elizabeth Schwimmer. 

He was also the creator and artistic director of the artistic installation, The Music Forest, at FGCU which merged the Bower School of Music & the Arts with the FGCU Food Forest, which is a student-run botanical garden on campus. 

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