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Three Song Stories is an exploration of the power music has to connect us to times, places, people, and emotions from our lives. The show brings out the guests’ personalities, and personal histories, by mining the connections music has made during their lifetimes. It’s also a chance to sit back and listen to the eclectic mix of songs the guests have chosen for their ultimate musical memory short list.


We make the show at WGCU Public Media in Fort Myers, FL on the campus of Florida Gulf Coast University. Our theme song was written and produced by Dave Dave Dave Cowan and Stick Martin at Monkey House Studios in St. Petersburg, FL.


Show Staff:

Mike Kiniry - Creator, Host, Producer
Richard Chin Quee - Creator, Producer, Host
Tara Calligan - Social Media, Producer
DP Williams - Show Intern
Chris Duffus - Exec. Producer


Three Song Stories


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