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April 9, 2021 @ 1:00 am

Episode 161 - Hugh Starnes


Hugh Starnes is a retired Judge who stepped down last year, in order to speak out about what he sees as, “deep, serious flaws in our society” including systemic racism. 

In his resignation letter to Florida Supreme Court Chief Justice, Charles Canady, Starnes wrote, “My value system will not allow me to sit silently by while our society struggles to deal with these flaws that tear at the very fabric of our society and democracy, and worse, while the upper echelon of our federal government appears to be aggravating these flaws rather than attempting to solve them. This presents an irreconcilable conflict with my position as a judge, bound by judicial ethics that require me to say nothing.”

Musical Artists in this episode:
Sam Cooke
Pink Martini
Garth Brooks

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